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Emily Marilyn – Lesbian Fuck Buddies

Another fresh week and time for one more Emily Marilyn lesbian scene. Today we have for you this fresh and new gallery and it’s quite special. The sexy and hot red head wanted to grace you with more of her great stuff, and entertain you. But this fine scene is to serve for another purpose as well. The sexy woman wanted to commemorate this update and bring you this special scene as a sign of gratitude for following her for so long. And so we ended up in this situation bringing you her and one of her friends yet again for this scene!

Again as her scene starts off, Emily and her friend can be seen wearing some very hot and sexy outfits. And they are very much eager to get started. The said outfits were all bright red and composed of dresses. Plus some latex gloves for Emily. The trick is that neither of them are packing any type of underwear underneath, and so you can get to see Emily as she lifts up her skirt revealing her eager cunt to the camera. And you also get to see her friend finger fucking her sweet pussy for your viewing pleasure today. Don’t forget that you can watch other sexy lesbian chicks fucking inside the sweetheartvideo site! Enjoy!


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Emily Marilyn – Latex Fetish

Hi there guys and gals, as we promised we have more fresh and hot Emily Marilyn scenes to show off. Today we bring you a superb collection of sexy and hot images featuring you resident hot and slutty red head. Once more she wants to display her love for latex, and the same can be said for her fuck buddy that makes her appearance along side our red headed beauty in this scene. So yeah, for this update it’s yet another lesbian scene brought to you by Emily, but you know that she always has some great stuff to deliver to you. And this fine scene fits the bill quite well as the two will put on a most memorable show just for you!


Of all her female fuck friends she loves this sexy lady the most. And as you can tell, it’s pretty much because she loves almost the exact same things as Emily herself. That meaning that she also has a thing for latex and BDSM. So this fine day you just get to sit back and relax while these two beauties grace your screens with their superb bodies. Watch them as they start to kiss and touch each other all over their bodies without further due as they are very much in the mood to fuck. So enjoy their foreplay session and then see them move on to some more interesting things as they have sex. You know the drill for the rest. Come back next week for more! Until then, click here and watch another gorgeous model in hot lesbian sex scenes!

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Lesbian Threesome Sex

This new and fresh gallery is a bit of a special treat offered to you today. Your resident sexy and slutty woman got herself into a nice and hot lesbian threesome today and as you can probably figure out, things went terribly smooth with them. Well these three hotties are here to please. And that includes you guys as well as themselves. Sit back and watch the trio have some super sexy lesbian sex today for this scene and make sure that you don’t miss a single image in this Emily Marilyn gallery everyone. You will regret it as all of the pictures are full with these hot women getting naughty and wild with one another.

The two other ladies joining Emily today are two of her friends, and when this lady gets in the mood for a threesome they are always there to have fun with her. All of them were dressed in some nice and sexy black lingerie sets and they made them look even sexier. Watch as they take the time to take care of one another’s smoking hot bodies. You get to see sweet and sexy Emily kissing that other blonde hottie as she has her wet and eager pussy licked by the other woman. So just sit back and watch this lesbian sex show without further due guys. As always we hope you enjoyed your stay here and had fun with her scene. As usual we will come back next week with fresh images! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, join the kissmegirl site and see some beautiful lesbian chicks kissing and fucking each other!


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Lesbian Stocking Fetish

Well it seems that the sexy read head, EmilyMarilyn, is up to more of her dirty tricks. This sexy and busty woman wanted to have even more fun with a pussy other than her own, and so she decided to go out in town and try her hand at picking up some sexy ladies at some profile clubs. And so she got her slutty and sexy outfit on, and went through the door. Where she was going there was no shortage of other lesbian cuties, but they would prove to be a bit of a pain to get. As you all know ladies can be a but more pretentious than guys, so a first impression is always good. Well our red head certainly didn’t need any of that. And you’ll get to see just why.


As soon as she entered the club, most of the other hotties there had their eyes on her. So she got her outfit just right. Well sure enough one sexy vixen got into a conversation with her and as you can see she ended up back at our red head’s place to have some lesbian sex. As in all of Emily’s lesbian scenes, you get to see her and the hottie begin their little show with some nice and passionate kissing. And then you get to see them massage one another’s hot bodies making their way down towards their eager pussies. Watch these two hotties please one another in this scene and have fun everyone. We hope you like it as always! For similar scenes cum inside the site and watch other slutty lesbians kissing!

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Horny Morning

It seems that miss Emily Marilyn simply couldn’t get enough pussy last time. so naturally for today she was about to get some more to satisfy herself. Today she wants to introduce another lady friend of hers. And she’s a sexy brunette as well with a hunger for sex of any kind and kinky stuff just like Emily. Well rest assured that the two started this off the night before. So you kind of got left out. But not to worry as these two horny women also get in the mood for sex in the morning as well. So you still get to see them fuck today!

As you can see they both wake up wearing remained on them last night as they fell asleep in each other’s arms after making each other orgasm repeatedly by pleasing one another’s pussies. Well the hotties are about to do just that once more for today as they will display their lesbian sex skills just for you. Watch as they lick and suck on one another’s tits and pussies this fine morning and enjoy the superb lesbian sex show that they unfold for your viewing pleasure today everyone. We’ll be back as usual with more in the following week! Until then, visit the soapy massage site and see other sexy lesbian chicks making out!


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Emily Marilyn Lesbian Loving

Another fresh week has started and time for the sexy and hot Emily Marilyn to deliver one more of her superb scenes. Today she’s not alone once more as she will be engaging in some more lady on lady action with the same sexy woman that she had over last time in her lesbian session. She’s a really close friend of hers and by close we mean really intimate. One thing you should know is that the two meet regularly to have some sweet sex and today you get to see more of their naughty sex scenes together. So let’s get started.


As the cameras start to roll, you can see the two on girlsdoporn taking their spots on the red couch. And you can watch them engage in some more passionate kissing for their foreplay session today. But as they eventually get turned on enough, you get to see them get to more sexy things, as they start to kiss one another all over their bodies. Rest assured that they don’t skip on taking care of one another’s pussies as well so be sure to watch the whole thing and do come back next week for some more superb scenes. Bye bye!


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Latex Fantasy

This fine day the sexy woman changed her hair color back to red and she has more naughty and sexy images to show off. For her scene this time the sexy and sizzling hot Emily Marilyn prepared some more superb images of herself getting naughty and wild, and this beautiful teen is alone again. So you can expect her to get as naughty as she feels like since she can do whatever she wants. Today she wore a black latex outfit composed of a nice body dress that was barely covering her sweet and round ass, black latex thigh highs, and her red gloves.

And as the scene starts off, this sexy and hot woman enters the set wearing this said outfit. She gets straight to work as she does her usual posing around for you. She wants to make sure that you get to see her hot body from every angle possible and she’s not going to be satisfied until you watch every last image. So sit back and watch her revealing her sexy naked body at EmilyMarilyn.com as she takes off that smoking hot latex outfit for you today. We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you guys next week with some more of this sexy woman’s scenes!


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Kinky Desires

This fine week your resident BDSM lover returns once more. This fine day the sexy woman changed her hair color and how she’s a very horny and sexy brunette just like brunette Charley Chase. And for her scene today miss EmilyMarilyn wants to show off that she can play nicely with other ladies as well. And so she called on a female fuck buddy of hers to give her a hand in this photo shoot. Well that and she was also horny as hell, so she decided that some sexy lesbian fun would fit the bill quite nicely for today. Sure enough her female friend came to her place and the two started off their kinky little sex session. So let’s watch their girl on girl action session for this fine afternoon.


As the scene starts, you get to see the ladies as they are already naked, and as you can tell they couldn’t wait to get things started. They start to kiss passionately just to tease you some more as they both know you guys will simply love watching them get naked and wild at EmilyMarilyn.com with each other. So jus sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Eventually you can get to see them as they start to work on each other’s pink and eager pussies as they need to please one another today. Watch as Emily and her buddy please one another’s dripping wet cunts for today’s superb image gallery. See you guys next week with some more fresh and hot content as always.

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Dildo Play Time

Hi there once more everyone. Emily Marilyn is here once more with some fresh scenes and you get to enjoy them first. As always you know that you get front row seats to her shows and this was no exception. Today this sexy angel realized that thus far you haven’t seen her face, and so for this scene she’s going to be presenting you with it as she plays around with her body. It’s suppose to serve the purpose to get to know her better and we have to say that it pretty much did the trick as one might think. As you can see miss Marilyn is a very cute and sexy red head with long flowing hair. And she packs a fine pair of tits along with a great ass and pussy.

For her superb little scene today she was all dressed up in a nice and hot little outfit composed of a see thought white night gown and her thigh high white stockings. Well if this doesn’t acquaint you with her superb body better nothing will, that’s for sure. You can watch this cutie as she teases you with her sexy curves for a while just to be a bit more of a cock tease today. Then you get to see the sexy and horny vixen as she pulls out her favorite red dildo, and you can see her fuck her wet pussy with it as she moans and stares into the cameras. She knows you’re enjoying the treatment and she wants to take full advantage of it today!


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Emily Marilyn Bondage Tape

Hey there guys, your favorite little lady with a passion for bondage returns today. And this is a bit of a special little feature that she simply had to do. In this Emily Marilyn bondage scene you also get to see the hottie wear a nice and skin tight latex outfit as well. The naughty woman has done some reading regarding the latest trends in BDSM. And what she found out was very much to her liking. You see, she came across this thing called bondage tape, as you can see in the title. And since she was very intrigued, she read allot about it and decided to order some as she wanted to play around with it for her next photo shoot.


As you can see she did make use of it. And the photo shoot she had in mine was none other than this one. Turns out that the said tape is actually a very rubbery and latexy material without any glue or adhesive on it. It simply adheres to itself when applied. And she was going to have so much fun with it today. Watch her tease you with her sexy and hot rubber suit for a bit before she manages to get herself tied up and tangled by the said tape. Then watch her as she tries to break loose of it as she strikes some more sexy and hot poses for you guys. We hope you enjoyed her scene for today and see you guys next week with more! Also you might enter the blog if you wanna see another beauty getting tied up!

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